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Rejoice: Waitrose's avocado Easter Egg is back

The avocado element makes it health food, probably

Rejoice: Waitrose's avocado Easter Egg is back
11 March 2019

Christmas, obviously, is the best holiday. The food, the drink, more food, more drink, presents, time off work – what’s not to like.

But Easter has to be a close second. Okay, so you don’t get that much time off work, but you do get shitloads of chocolate, which pretty much balances it out.

So you’ll be happy to hear that Waitrose’s fabled Easter speciality, the avocado Easter Egg, is now back in stores and ready for you to gift to your loved ones or gorge in one sitting alone in bed. Probably the second, let’s be honest. 

It was so popular last year that the supermarket had to restock it several times, becoming the “fastest selling Easter egg in the 114 year history of Waitrose”, which is quite the accolade.

The egg has a smooth chocolate shell – the skin of the avocado – with white chocolate ‘flesh’ made green with food colouring. The stone is made of thick chocolate and dusted with cocoa. 

You can also get a ‘baby’ version – and if chocolate’s not your thing, Waitrose have your back.

This year, it’s also releasing a packet of six jelly avocadoes – and they’re even suitable for vegans, so everyone can join in no matter their dietary requirements. 

As we said, the egg proved very  popular last year, so if you want to get your greasy little mitts on an egg, head down to your local Waitrose now. We’ll race you.

Images: Waitrose