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Reebok is bringing back the Stomper for 'Alien day'

Its your new favourite day of the year

Reebok is bringing back the Stomper for 'Alien day'

Finally - it's officially 'Alien Day'.

No, it's not the day humanity is destined to have a close encounter - it's the date picked by Fox to commemorate its beloved deep space Alien franchise, unleashing as slew of Ripley-related merchandise on fans.

Which is where Reebok comes in.

The Reebok Stompers are coming back

Originally created for James Cameron's 1986 classic Aliens, the Stomper was a near-future trainer (that made sci-fi high-tops cool before Back to the Future's Nike Air Mag of 1989) that saw a limited release. 

Why 26 April?

It's a reference to LV-426 (fourth month, 26th day) - the planet that Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley was sent to investigate in the original Alien film. This year also marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Aliens, in which these iconic trainers starred. 

What else is happening on 26 April?

Various cinemas will be screening Alien and Aliens (the good films from the franchise), while Amazon’s Audible has released a brand-new audio drama, Alien: Out of the Shadows, starring Blade Runner's Rutger Hauer.

Fox will also run a trivia quiz on Twitter, allowing followers to win prizes every 42.6 minutes.

Where can you buy them?

Online at or in select Reebok stores worldwide.

How many are they making?

Only 36 pairs of the original high-top are coming to the UK, so you'll need to act quickly!