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The real John Lewis stars in Twitter's admittedly great Christmas advert

Well done everybody

The real John Lewis stars in Twitter's admittedly great Christmas advert
19 November 2018

You have probably seen the John Lewis Christmas advert - it, for some reason, is a thing. An advert, for a huge chain, is an actual thing. Nobody knows why, but then this is 2018, and also it is the UK, so anything goes nowadays, doesn’t it?

Anyway, here it is in case you hadn’t yet seen it:

But we’re not here to talk about that today - instead we are here to talk about the other John Lewis. Yep, that bloke who lives in America who has the Twitter handle @JohnLewis (currently at 44,700 followers) and has to deal with a barrage of tweets - particularly around this time of year - wrongly directed to him and not @@jlandpartners, the official account.

He has nothing to do with the department store, but is very jovial about all the tweets sent his way, making an effort to reply to as many of them as he can. So it’s only right that he’s honoured with his own Christmas advert, which takes the form of Twitter’s festive ad, this year. Here look:

A lovely bit a good, clean fun, we think you’ll agree. Merry Christmas (for December - you are not allowed to say it until at least December the 20th, OK - that’s simply there in case anyone reads this nearer the Big Day. If you’re reading this now, you are not allowed to accept that greeting - it’s still November you maniacs. Put that goddamn tree down!).

(Image: YouTube)