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Racists try to make 'Blue Lives Matter' T-shirts, screw it up worse than you can ever imagine

Welcome to today's episode of Racists Are Dumb As Hell

Racists try to make 'Blue Lives Matter' T-shirts, screw it up worse than you can ever imagine
08 September 2017

Hello and welcome to episode #236 of Racists Doing Dumb Shit and Everybody Laughing at Them – yes, that is a lot of episodes, it’s almost like racists are… inherently stupid and ignorant? Who woulda thought it!

So what have they done this time – those dumb racists? – well, they have made some racist T-shirts, as some racists are wont to do. For some reason, a lot of racists don’t understand that being a racist is a deeply shameful thing, and like to wear the fact proudly across their chests.

These particular T-shirts bear the words ‘Gorm Chónaí Ábhar’, which is Gaelic for ‘Blue Lives Matter’, except it isn’t. At all.

Blue Lives Matter is a slogan racists have adopted to fight against the Black Lives Matter – an organisation of which one of its key objectives is highlighting and protesting against police violence against black people in America.

The ‘blue’ lives of the Blue Lives Matter ‘campaign’ is referring to policemen. It is all very dumb, and summed up quite nicely by this tweet.

So back to the T-shirts – they’ve tried to write ‘Blue Lives Matter’ on them in Gaelic, but messed it up no end. Irish blogger Audrey Nickel said what they’ve actually written is “beyond gibberish”, adding: “Most of my Irish-speaking friends had no idea what this person was trying to say”.

Without going into too much detail on the intricacies of the Irish language, they’ve clearly used a dictionary to just try and translate each word literally, picked the wrong words, fucked up the grammar, ignored idiom… it’s a total mess, basically. It’s nonsense.

However, this isn’t even the funny part.

An idiot, wearing his idiot T-shirt

The funny part comes when you look at the word ‘gorm’, which Nickel explains does mean blue in most contexts.

However, it makes no sense to try and use it as substitute for the police, and the real irony? What does ‘gorm’ mean when used to refer to a person? 

It means black.

Yes, this racist has accidentally made a Black Lives Matter T-shirt, which – I am sure you can all agree – is hilarious.

Nickel explains: “People of African descent, or with similarly dark skin, are described as ‘blue’ in Irish (most likely because dubh (‘black’) and dorcha (‘dark’) have negative connotations in the language and donn (‘brown’) would be understood to refer to hair color).

“That’s right. At the end of the day, allowing for grammatical travesties (of which there are many) and horrendous word choices, what this person’s shirt says is ‘Black Lives Matter’.”

Good job, racists, you played yourselves.