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Oh, boy! Quantum Leap could be the next big show for a reboot

The iconic show could be back

Oh, boy! Quantum Leap could be the next big show for a reboot
13 January 2020

There are a LOT of new streaming platforms coming out of the woodwork this year. Disney+ has been making waves (not least with Baby Yoda), but there's more coming: Apple+, HBO Max and Quibi are all either available now in the US or about to be released.

Not to be outdone, NBC is launching its very own service, Peacock, set to launch in April 2020. NBC was home to the US version of The Office, so that will definitely be on there, as will Parks and Recreation.

But there could be something a bit more surprising on there, too – a reboot of the classic Quantum Leap.

According to strategy boss Jeff Bader, NBC are "discussing" a remake: "that’s one that I know everyone is discussing," he said.

Frustratingly, we're fairly short on details – that's as much as he gave a way, really.

But it seems unlikely the show's original actors will be back: one of them has quit acting, and the other has a recurring role on NCIS, so a prequel, sequel or reboot is much more likely.

It's also unclear as to whether we'll be able to get Peacock in the UK at any point: we'll keep you in the (quantum) loop.