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We got a psychic to predict the top horses to bet on at the Grand National

And a betting expert gives his professional opinion

We got a psychic to predict the top horses to bet on at the Grand National
13 April 2018

Horses and the tiny men who ride them are getting prepped for the Grand National at Aintree on Saturday – arguably the biggest horse race in the world.

With a £1 million total prize fund and an estimated quarter of the country expected to have a little flutter, betting on the race is big, big business.

To help you – because, frankly, it’s all a bit of a random stab in the dark – we asked psychic medium Dean James Fox to peer into the future and predict which horses will do well this weekend.

And we also spoke to betting pro Rupert Adams, from William Hill, to judge how likely these predictions are.

Dean James Fox told us: “As a psychic medium, I get asked for predictions for many things but this will be the first time I’ve even been asked to predict the Grand National.

“The way I selected the ‘Good’ runners to watch is very simple: before looking at who is due to run, I take a moment in a peaceful place, clear my mind and then ask for good luck guidance.

“Some of the runners I selected have been given by name - the name just pops into my head. With the others, I’m given the colours or a shape to look out for.”

Best bets

1. Captain Redbeard (18/1)

Psychic: “This was shown to me as a pirate with a red face. I get the feeling this horse has the power to be a top runner.”

Betting pro: “This horse has a Scottish connection and would be following a Scot winner last year. It currently looks middle of the road.”

2. Tiger Roll (11/1)

Psychic: “I was shown the titanic with a flag on it of a white star on a red background. Tiger roll will be a fast leader but may run out of stream near the end.”

Betting pro: “On paper this is one of the favourites and probably my fancy in the race.”

3. I Just Know (20/1)

Psychic: “The words were repeated in my head over and over again. This one is a real gut feeling, and I keep seeing top five.”

Betting pro: “There’s been a lot of talk on the course saying this horse is looking very good at home and is well worth a bet.”

Run, horse! RUN! 

Horses to steer clear of

1. Bless The Wings (50/1)

Psychic: “I was shown purple wings. I feel pain in my right leg and this may affect him in the race.”

Betting pro: “Gordon Elliott trained this horse so it deserves respect – but it’s one of his second string animals.”

2. Milansbar (33/1)

Psychic: “The words Bar Milan were shown on a street sign. I feel unbalanced with this runner and we may see a fall or injury.”

Betting pro: “I think it is a fine bet.”

3. Baie Des Iles (16/1)

Psychic: “In my thoughts I was given a piece of paper with the word ‘lies’ written on it and a finishing flag. I may have been shown the finishing flag for this horse but I feel a stumble or fall.”

Betting pro: “I hope the psychic is correct because this is the best backed horse in the race and if she wins it’ll be a disaster for us.”

Psychic medium Dean James Fox took a peek into the future for us 

The psychic medium added: “Remember, I am a psychic medium not a horse trainer, and I’m just giving you my thoughts and feelings, this guide is for entertainment purposes only.”

  • The Randox Health Grand National will start on Saturday 14 April at 5.15pm

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(Images: Getty / Dean James Fox)