Prince's passport photo is probably the best photo that’s ever been taken

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Emily Badiozzaman

Most people have a rehearsed excuse for why their passport photo looks like a criminal who's just Shawshank'd his way out of prison and found himself in a photo booth at a train station, or why they thought male highlights were a good idea at the time. 

Prince doesn't need excuses, because he is a beautiful creature who cannot be tamed. 

Prince knows the importance of a passport photo. He knows you have to look at it repeatedly for ten years, that people across the world will judge you as you cross borders. 

So he made it count with a pout that makes Kim Kardashian look like an amateur. 

Sporting a fro, eyeliner and lipgloss, the Lord of Funk defies his 57 years and gives us a much needed lesson in expressing all emotion without any facial expression. Certainly not the 'neutral' expression the government requires, anyway.

Needless to say, the internet reacted exactly as one would expect. 


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