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Prime Video's latest action thriller is a record breaker

The latest Prime Video original movie has attracted more eyeballs than any other...

Prime Video's latest action thriller is a record breaker
Andrew Williams
03 April 2024

The brand new remake of 1989 guilty fave Road House has broken records according to stats released by Prime Video.

It says the movie, an action flick starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor, was watched 50 million times - according to Deadline - in its first full week and change on streaming. And this is apparently a record for an original Prime Video movie.

Unlike Netflix, Prime Video doesn’t fling out viewership stats like Halloween candy, so we want to savour this one for a bit.

Road House is just under two hours long, suggesting the total viewed hours from the film’s release on March 21 to the end of last weekend, March 31, is around 95 million hours.

Doing some beer mat maths, that equates to 60 million over a seven day period, easily beating the figures Netflix released for Old Dads or the David Fincher Netflix original The Killer.

It still doesn’t touch recent Netflix hit Leave the World Behind, which aggregated 106 million hours in its first full week on stream.

It’s tricky to compare Prime Video figures with those of Netflix, mind. Even though we know Netflix’s membership is estimated at 260 million, Prime Video’s at “200+ million,” Amazon’s streamer is likely to have a good number of subs who are largely there for free delivery on Amazon, not steamed shows and movies.

Prime Video's latest action thriller is a record breaker
Image Credit: Prime Video

Still, it’s good news likely to tick off one person in particular: Road House director Doug Liman.

Ahead of Road House’s release, the biggest fuss was made not over 5 foot 9 MMA machine Conor McGregor making his movie debut, but over Liman threatening to boycott the film’s premiere at SXSW.

His issue? Amazon refused to give Road House a proper cinema release, something the director adamantly claimed it deserved.

He ultimately reversed the decision to boycott ahead of the premiere.

However, these impressive figures are yet more proof that perhaps Doug Liman was right in the first place.