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Posters For Disused Tube Stations

Posters For Disused Tube Stations

Posters For Disused Tube Stations

It's an important year for the tube. Not only will fares be higher than ever before (okay, we'll stop complaining now) but it will be the 150th anniversary for the iconic service.

While we're all busy throwing extravagant, debauched parties for our favourite stations, it's worth taking a second to remember the ones which didn't make the cut.

Graphic designer Thomas Wood has created a set of posters dedicated to the disused stations that we no longer find ourselves spilling in or out of and we like them greatly.

“I wanted to create a brand and designs that would depict the mystery and intrigue that lies behind these lost underground worlds," explained Wood. "For example, the design for British Museum Station illustrates the glimpses of the famous classic platform tiling that can still be seen from passing Central Line trains. For Down Street, the design depicts its demise as a result of low passenger traffic due to more popular neighbouring stations.”

If you'd like to purchase any of the prints then you can do exactly that right here.