Porsche have made the most beautiful washing machine ever

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We didn’t know we needed a Porsche-designed washing machine, but we don’t know a lot of things

When you think about Porsche products, you’ll obviously have cars at the top of your list, but you’ve probably accepted the company makes other things too.

After all we’ve heard about Toyota working on a wheelchair and Ferrari launching a brand of headphones, so we’ve accepted these companies diversify. Porsche has its own design studio, too, so it’s bound to have some visually lovely creations in the works.

A Porsche washing machine, though? You could be forgiven for not expecting that to exist, but it’s real and it’s beautiful.

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Aesthetics aside, the machine designed in partnership with Panasonic, also has a ton of actually useful features too for cleaning clothes, which is very important.

The Panasonic ALPHA washing machine even has a solution to your laundry starting to smell if it gets left in the machine after the cycle finishes.

As a release about the product reveals: “In order to prevent the buildup of mould and unpleasant smells, at the end of the washing cycle the loading opening of the washer opens 20 mm.

“In this way, air can circulate inside the washing machine drum and the drying process can begin even without opening the door of the washer

washing machine

It’s minimalist as heck, too, with a slick silver design and a clear directive to go easy on the confusing extra settings.

There’s some bad news too, though: the washing machine is only available in China at the moment, but we can still dream.

After all, there was a time when we thought we’d never get the Double Down burger, but we were justified in our outlandish dreams when that arrived on these shores.

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(Images: Porsche Design Studios/Panasonic)


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