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KFC’s most famous sandwich is finally coming to the UK

Ask and you shall receive

KFC’s most famous sandwich is finally coming to the UK
Tom Victor
02 October 2017

If the United States does one thing better than the rest of the world, it’s extravagant sandwiches.

Sure, there are some great ones to come out of the UK, and London specifically, but no one stretches the definition of the word sandwich quite like the U S of A.

One case in point was the Double Down, that inexplicable KFC special which used chicken in place of bread.

Only in America, we thought.

We dared to dream, though, sending countless tweets to the fried chicken behemoth requesting – nay, demanding - they bring it to these shores.

Well, it turns out if you ask for something for long enough, its makers will eventually cave and stop you from nagging them every second of every day.

That’s right, the KFC Double Down is finally on its way to the United Kingdom, more than seven years after its initial release in the United States.

In the meantime, it has been rolled out – either permanently or temporarily – in countries across the world, from Canada to Japan.

We’ll only get a temporary taste of the delicacy, though.

For the uninitiated, the Double Down is a bacon and cheese sandwich, with a twist.

Monterey Jack cheese, crispy bacon and BBQ sauce, sandwiched between two original recipe chicken fillets.

That’s right: chicken fillet, cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, another chicken fillet.

It’s available for a six-week period from October 9, and will cost £4.79 for the sandwich on its own or £5.79 upwards for a meal including a Double Down, fries and drink.

If it’s a success, maybe we’ll see the Chizza next.

(Images: KFC/Rex)