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The Pope's Lamborghini is for sale and it's a hell of a ride

One very careful owner

The Pope's Lamborghini is for sale and it's a hell of a ride
30 April 2018

His Holiness Pope Francis has never, to the best of our knowledge, appeared in an installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, and that seems like a real shame. It would be fascinating to see how his magicness manifested itself in a high-octane setting, whipping in and out of traffic either with, pursuing or pursued by Vin Diesel

They could do that in the ninth films, and call it The Fast & The Faithful & The Furious, and it would be amazing. Dominc Toretto even wears a necklace with the Pope’s logo on it. Box office gold.

It turns out the Pope has a Lamborghini, you see. He was given the Huracán RWD Coupé by the supercar company themselves, and it features Vatican City flag detailing and a paint job designed to match his cassock. 

He blessed and autographed it when they gave him it, because that’s what you do with cars when you’re a Pope:

But he’s selling it. No going on Gumtree for His Popeness, though - it’s going to auctioned off by Christie’s Monaco and is expected to raise somewhere in the region of €350,000, which will be going to various good causes. 

70% will go the to the city of Nineveh, Iraq, which was attacked by ISIS, and the rest is being split between three Christian aid organisations.

The actual auction takes place on May 12th, and you’ll want to register your interest on Christie’s site beforehand. Imagine the insurance on the thing though - it’ll be through the roof. Maybe that’s why the Pope’s getting rid of it - if there’s one roof you don’t want anything going through, it’s his one.

(Pic: Getty)