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Vin Diesel has landed the starring role in a new action series

Vin's getting punchy again

Vin Diesel has landed the starring role in a new action series
09 March 2018

I love Vin Diesel and everything he does. He could upload a video of him crushing a kitten’s skull underneath his large boots and I would print it off and eat it - that’s how much I love him. Big silly arms and large stupid sunglasses and a dumb voice, everything about him is good.

So guess what? I’m excited because a new movie starring the man himself has been announced.

“But what’s the film about?” I hear you screech into the washing machine. WELL, I’ll tell you. It’s based on a comic book, like all the best movies, and that comic book is called… Bloodshot.

What Bloodshot is, is a man who died, but then came back to life with ‘nanomachines’ which gave him superpowers.

Bloodshot, in comic book form

The movie is set to be directed by Dave Wilson, a long-time collaborator of Tim Miller, the bloke who directed Deadpool, who jumped on board after original directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski (John Wick) left the project. 

And the script - what about the script - well, that’s being ‘written’ by the man who wrote the critically accclaimed Arrival, starring Amy Adams. You know, that really good movie with those big alien spiders in.

As it is, we don’t know exactly who Vin Diesel will be playing, but either way I’m excited, and so are you, probably. Any excuse to watch Vin punch people very hard in the face is a good excuse, really. 

(Image: Rex)