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This hilarious video shows how easy it is to get a song into the charts

It's as easy as 1-2-3 (notes)

This hilarious video shows how easy it is to get a song into the charts
04 May 2017

We had the Spotify UK top 50 songs on the office stereo this morning.

Christ alive, it was difficult to tell where one song began and another ended, given the fact that they all sound exactly the bloody same. It’s a state of affairs which has probably been driven by the algorithmic way we listen to music these days – ‘like this? Then you’ll love this almost identical song’ – and, while pop has always tended to find a trend and then see everyone leap on it until they’ve bled it dry, it really does seem to be particularly bad at the moment.

However, an upside of this current state of play is that it’s never been easier to ruthlessly copy the big hits of the day and create your own chart-topping monster with the minimum of effort.

And Brett Domino is here with a video to show you exactly how. He’s done this sortof thing before, but it’s always a joy to see him deconstruct the charts, before putting it all back together to create his own soon-to-be-a-smash Bad Boy.

We also can’t let this moment pass before reminding you of a similar write-a-Chainsmokers-hit video which did the rounds recently and is equally excellent.

So what are you waiting for? Invest in that theremin and 808, follow Brett’s advice and you’ll be rubbing shoulders with Drake and Rihanna in no time.

(Image: YouTube)