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‘Poltergeist’ throws all-night parties

Blame it on the Boogeyman

‘Poltergeist’ throws all-night parties

We’ve heard about poltergeists’ mischievous antics – floating objects, spooky voices, pictures hung upside-down – but all-night parties involving loud music and copious beer consumption – that’s a new one.

According to Leanne Fennel, 20, the parties at her council house in Hull were not her fault, but the fault of a restless spirit who terrorised her street while she slept.

The poltergeist seems to have been intent on infuriating Fennel’s neighbours, blaring out music until the early hours of the morning and littering their gardens with bottles of wine and cider.

Unfortunately for Fennel, the Hull Magistrates Court didn’t bother to call an exorcist to sort out her party-demon. Instead, she was found guilty in her absence of four breaches of the abatement notice banning loud music and raised voices, plus another demanding she remove rubbish from the garden.

(Image: All Star)