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Poacher steels fake rhino's horn


Poacher steels fake rhino's horn

More things like this please: A thief in South Africa has cut the horn off a fibreglass rhino during a burglary at a game reserve lodge.

The sculpture was of the first rhino to arrive at Lombardini Game Farm, which runs intensive breeding programmes for the animal tanks alongside fellow fatties like buffalo and sable.

"I was angry at the time, but it was also funny," the reserve's owner, Susan Lottering, told the BBC.

She said the 15 live white rhinos on the farm have already been dehorned because of fears of poaching.

The fibreglass model, named Barendina, was hanging over a fireplace in the lodge at Lombardini Game Farm in the Eastern Cape, which was broken into on Monday morning. Check out this picture, it's brilliant.

"We found it outside on the sidewalk with its horn cut off - the burglar was looking for money and they didn't find any money so I suppose their eye caught [sight of] the rhino," Ms Lottering said.

"It was a mould of the first rhino that arrived on the farm so there's a bit of history behind her and we were very proud of her," she said.

"She died of natural causes quite a few years ago, about eight years ago."

Image: Rex