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This is what it looks like when a plane emergency slide opens

Yes, of course it's awesome

This is what it looks like when a plane emergency slide opens

In recent weeks we’ve given you a host of informative and useful tips on the whole business of flying, and how to make it a stress-free experience.

How to make sure you luggage comes out first at the airport, where to sit to get better service, as well as where to sit to get a better sleep, a speedier exit and greater legroom - we’ve got you covered to make every journey a truly glorious thing.

But now, forget usefulness. Forget utility. Forget any ‘takeaway lessons’. This is pure plane porn.

You know the inflatable exit slide that they mention, which goes out the door on the side? You’ve always wanted to see what that looks like when it gets inflated, haven’t you? Course you do, that’s why you clicked on this article. Well, we’ll stop teasing you and show you the goods.

Here it is, and it’s glorious.

Oh, you want to see it just inflate in the middle of a car park when someone pulls the ripchord and runs off, like he’s lit a firework? Yeah we’ve got you covered.

You want more? Oh OK then, here’s a slightly longer vid with the escape slide being deployed and people sliding down it doing that crossed arms thing they always tell you about.

And, for those of you who like to gamble that they won’t be needed to open the doors in the middle and volunteer for those seats to get nice juicy big legroom, here’s how you actually get those doors out of the way, ready for the slide.

Would sort of be worth crashing to get that door open, have the slide go off and then take a little trip down on it wouldn’t it?

Actually probably not, thinking about it.

(Image: Andreas Weiland)