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Here are the fascinating scrapped Pixar ideas that never made it to screen

Mike Wazowski could have looked very different

Here are the fascinating scrapped Pixar ideas that never made it to screen
02 January 2018

The animation film studio Pixar has produced some of the most iconic kids’ movies ever made; Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Monsters, Inc. have become modern classics and have dramatically shaped the movie taste of young viewers.

Pixar has even bagged 16 Academy Awards for its movies and made more than $11 billion at the worldwide box office.

But this process of producing classic films doesn’t come easy – writers, designers and producers go through lengthy processes of rewrites and redesigns before landing on the final versions we all know and love.

Now, in a newly released video, Pixar have revealed what our favourite films and characters looked like in the initial design stages.

Alongside the clip, a Disney spokesman wrote: “Behind every Pixar story is a whole other story. Here’s a peek at what could’ve been!”

Monsters, Inc. 

Initial design ideas for Mike Wazowski saw him sporting a furry green quiff, as an orange monster with flames shooting out of his head and as a much taller, purple creature with a shaggy head of hair. 

Toy Story

Before settling on the name Toy Story, producers considered calling the film Hand-Me-Down Hero, The Cowboy and the Spaceman, Spurs & Rockets, Plastic Buddies, Don’t Move, and Toys in the Hood.


The 2009 film Up was originally supposed to be about two brothers who lived in a magical floating city. While this idea was scrapped, producers kept the ‘isolation’ theme of an old man ‘alone’ in a flying house.

The Incredibles

The character Edna Mode, designed by Teddy Newton, was initially drawn to be much taller, but after he did a little doodle where she was three feet tall director Brad Bird loved it so much that he kept it in the final version. 


The 2006 film Cars was inspired by a short story called Yellow Car, about a small electric car who was hated by everyone in his town because he was different. This was dramatically changed before the final film and the only things that survived were the small-town setting and the characters Fillmore and Sarge.


In the 2007 movie Ratatouille, Remy was supposed to have a mother called Desiree, but she was scrapped after the focus turned to the father-son relationship.

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(Image: Disney/Pixar)