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Photographer conjures mind-bending architecture

Belgian buildings reimagined to form

Photographer conjures mind-bending architecture
Danielle de Wolfe
23 November 2010

Think of Belgium and you think of chocolate, waffles and David Platt’s winner at Italia ’90. Conversely, bleeding-edge architecture probably isn’t something that springs to mind. Especially in Ghent.

But Filip Dujardin is out to change that. And, as he’s not proficient at either technical drawing or brick-laying, he’s turned to his camera for a series of astounding pieces he calls ‘Fictions’.

He began taking pictures of normal buildings, but found the structures themselves lacked the character to create an interesting image.

The solution? Photoshop. Best known for making models look unnaturally perfect, the program allowed him to show hidden parts of buildings and make interesting designs that could never actually be built.

But it’s not simply a case of turning the computer on and getting to work. He initially experiments with ideas by making collages on cardboard and Lego before booting up his laptop.

There are now 20 images and Dujardin has no intention of stopping. We suppose you have to make your own fun if you live in Ghent.