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Philips Citiscape Downtown headphone review

Philips Citiscape Downtown headphone review

Philips Citiscape Downtown headphone review
Danielle de Wolfe
30 September 2013

Double denim. We stuck a wet finger in the air and we think it’s hot right now. Someone from the fashion team was wearing it last week so it must be in, which means we’re happy to talk about Philips’ Citiscape Downtown headphones.

Good: Good looking and comfortable

Bad: Lacking in kick

Price: £60

We’ve been enamoured with Philips headphones of late – but the Citiscape Downtown are the first ‘budget’ models we’ve stuck on our ears.

An otherwise normal headband has been disguised in coloured denim – blue, black, green or grey. The cotton stitching and tailored edges aren't just a gimmick, but make for a pleasantly different finish. The vast, pillowy earpieces hug your ear rather than squash them, making the Citiscape far more comfortable than more expensive on-ear models we’ve reviewed.

This punching-above-its-weight continues into the sound quality. Vocals are clear, midrange is warm and the bass is full – nothing sticks out in the overall balance of sound, producing a very clean tone. They won’t blow you away with punchy clout, but they’re a vast improvement over those free headphones that came with your generic MP3 player.

If you’re looking to spend under £100, you can’t do much better than the Philips Citiscape Downtown: they look good, perform admirably and will stand up to being shoved in your bag for the commute.

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