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Philippe Starck's All Terrain Electric Bikes

Philippe Starck's All Terrain Electric Bikes

Philippe Starck's All Terrain Electric Bikes
Danielle de Wolfe
27 August 2014

For too long the electric bike has been resigned to safe, urban, modernised landscapes; its futuristic ideals still too temperamental to handle all terrain activities.

Not anymore though, as taking a break from designing yachts/planes/kettles, French design whizz Philippe Starck has worked with bike manufacturer Moustache to bring us M.A.S.S (mud, asphalt, sand, snow) - a four-piece collection of electric bikes tailored for those aforementioned environments.

Getting a high-end innovative designer to partner with bike specialists who know the nuts-and-bolts of what a bike needs to deal with troubling terrain? It’s a novel idea and one which looks to have paid off.

Take the Mud version, for instance - robustly built for combating sludge. Now turn your attention to the Asphalt, a bike more streamlined for speed. They’re like mountain bikes for Buck Rogers. The same goes for the Sand and Snows models, each equipped with neat modifications to handle unforgiving landscapes.

The M.A.S.S. line-up is set to make its debut at this week's Eurobike 2014, alongside a range tailor-made e-bike accessories including glasses, gloves and backpacks.

And a portable charger we hope.