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Pharrell To Become Children's Author

Pharrell To Become Children's Author

Pharrell To Become Children's Author
17 February 2015

He did some producing and was good at that. Then he did some singing and he was good at that too. Then he wore a big hat and everyone went mad. So it's only logical that Mr Pharrell Williams would think that he can do anything he pleases.

And the next discipline he's dabbling in is children's books. It's been announced that he's struck a deal to publish four picture books with Penguin Young Readers, with the first of those to be a photographic picture book based on his inescapable song Happy, which will come out on 22 September this year.

It will feature "photographs of children across cultures celebrating what it means to be happy" - so presumably the photo of Scottish children will be them watching England lose at football. It also doesn't sound like he's actually writing anything, so this should be a low-effort output for the music guru.

There'll be an initial printing of 250,000, with Don Weisberg, president of Penguin Young Readers saying “Pharrell has an important and inspiring message about individuality and being your best self and we're proud to help him share that with young children.” 

Presumably his second book will be on something a bit N.E.R.D.ier.

In the frankly unimaginable event that you haven't yet heard Happy, you can watch it below.