People are trolling news stations with Simpsons stories, and it's glorious

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Nick Pope

We’ve talked before about how classic Simpsons story lines often play out in the real world – but even we wouldn’t have been caught out by this.

A few days ago, Four Finger Podcast instigated a hilarious trolling session by luring in a local news station with the promise of a breaking news story.

But instead of a real-life scoop, the pranksters were describing classic Simpsons story lines. After they’d hooked some interest from 7 News Australia, they revealed the jape with an episode screen cap and sent the station into a viral tailspin.

Before long, internet pranksters were joining in by targeting their local news outlets; the best of which were uploaded to Four Finger Podcast's Facebook page. D'oh indeed for social media managers across the land. D'oh indeed.

The word ‘trolling’ has lost all meaning over the past few years. Where it used to mean cleverly pissing people off, it now consists of calling someone a lard-arse on Twitter and sending a S.W.A.T team to their nan’s house.

So good on you, Four Finger Podcast - you're the trolls we need, but not the ones we deserve right now. Check out the pics below: