People are sharing their favourite pop facts – and they're amazing

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What links Benny Hill and Holly Valance?

We all have our favourite weird facts we like to bring out at the pub – sneezes travel at 100mph, astronauts can’t cry in space, that kind of thing. 

This kind of thing can be especially fun, though, when it involves esoteric facts about pop culture. Did you know that Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex  was originally written for Britney Spears, for example? 

Which is why this tweet, from user @sam_bambs, was so great. 

“What’s your favourite pop fact?” she asked. “Mine is probably that Dr Alban isn’t a real doctor, but IS in fact a real dentist.”

And the replies were predictably amazing.

And potentially the best one of all?

Useful for pub quizzes AND boring your friends with? The perfect Twitter thread, if you ask us.

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