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People are freaking out over this impossible Super Mario puzzle

Who invented this?!

People are freaking out over this impossible Super Mario puzzle

Good morning, today you are angry about a puzzle.

OK well, you’re not angry yet, but you will be. I don’t want to tell you how to feel or anything, but you will be angry, I promise you, because we all secretly kind of love getting needlessly angry about pointless shit, and this puzzle falls very much into that category.

What it is, right, is a Super Mario puzzle. A Super Mario puzzle with 1,000 pieces. So far, so OK. Puzzles are good – they’re one of those things that seem deathly boring until you actually start doing it, when you realise you’re actually having fun and are slowly getting obsessed to the point that, in the end, you feel incomplete as a human being until you have finished the puzzle – until there is a little jigsawed-together picture of a cottage with a pretty garden sitting on the table in front of you. Then you discover there’s a piece missing.

The problem is with this specific Super Mario puzzle – this specific Super Mario puzzle is the most impossible puzzle I have ever seen in my life. Here it is. Look at it.

OK yeah I'm angry

Here it is again, because look at it.

It’s red. Almost all of it is just… red. This puzzle is definitely impossible, but even if you do somehow manage to complete it, all you’ve really made is… red. This is the Rainbow Road of puzzles.

Obviously there are plenty of humans on the internet who are angry about this puzzle they are never going to buy, because that is how the world works.

Anyway, if you want to buy this puzzle you can do so from ThinkGeek for $19.99, which at today’s exchange rate is roughly £19.99. Enjoy.