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These passengers drank a plane dry and were congratulated by the captain

Movie title: Drunks on a plane

These passengers drank a plane dry and were congratulated by the captain

Passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight have put every lad on a lads holiday of laddishness to Ibiza to shame.

While on a domestic flight from Oakland, California to Kansas City last week, people travelling to watch the Oakland Raiders play an American football game drank every last drop of alcohol on the plane.

What’s most impressive was the flight was only three hours and 20 minutes long.

The planes that Southwest use for the journey seat 143 passengers and carry minis of vodka, tequila, Baileys, bourbon, rum, gun, Jack Daniels, Scotch and eight types of beer. Each drink is $5, so Southwest must have made an absolute killing while lightening their load.

The captain was so in awe of the passengers’ efforts that he made an announcement to congratulate everyone on their efforts of consumption.

Sports journalist Jimmy Durkin tweeted:

A long way from how England fans would behave drunk fuelled by a plane load of booze, Durkin said the flight was “not particularly rowdy” and that it was “pretty standard fare for a flight to a city where the Raiders are playing.”

Unfortunately the Raiders lost (pretty badly 21-3), but at least they could drown their sorrows on the entire plane stock home.