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'Drunk Powerpoint Presentations' is the new party game you'll absolutely want to play

Very nerdy, but very fun

'Drunk Powerpoint Presentations' is the new party game you'll absolutely want to play
17 January 2018

Dunno if you’ve ever been to a party before, but I have, I’ve been to loads, and I bet your jealous. Reason I’m saying this is because as a result of being to loads of cool parties, I know what goes on at them, namely: drinking, talking, dancing, being an idiot, kissing people you shouldn’t, listening to music and maybe if you’re very lucky, Scotch eggs.

What I, in my experience, have never encountered, is going to a party and being asked to do, or watch, a Powerpoint presentation. Normally just in the kitchen telling bad jokes, actually.

Still, a couple of party-goers over in the US did exactly that (the presentation, not the bad jokes in the kitchen - although they could have participated in them later on in the evening, I just don’t know).

The head of the party, an amateur living room event organiser called Clarrise, told BuzzFeed that the event is called “Drink Talk Learn (DTL)”, and was invented at the University of Waterloo in 2012:

“DTLs have lived on throughout the years. And have even spread outside Waterloo to be hosted in Toronto, Seattle, San Francisco, Edmonton, and New York.”

Here are the rules, in case you wanted to hold your own one:

On this specific night, topics of presentations included ‘Hidden Meanings in Classical Music — Acid Trips, Soviet Defiance, and Jaws’; ‘Transhumanism and the Sublime — A Meditation on Technological Evolutionism’; and ‘Dogs with Jobs — Occupations for the Canine Individual’. All of which I’m sure I would not understand, but which have simultaneously ignited the fires of excitement across the internet:

So yeah, this is a thing now, and I guess you’re doing it. Can’t wait to go to my mate’s birthday this weekend, we have to do an actual presentation! I can’t just turn up! I have to prepare! It’s almost like it’s not fun anymore! Really really can’t wait to do my homework! The deadline is Saturday!

Still, I hope I get invited to one soon - my presentation is gonna be ‘Close Your Laptop and Get Back in the Kitchen I’m Doing a Joke”.

(Image: @Miexriir)