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Oscar nominees get the Honest Trailers treatment, and it's obviously great

They're on form as ever

Oscar nominees get the Honest Trailers treatment, and it's obviously great
22 February 2017

We all know what to expect from the 89th Academy Awards: self-congratulatory glass-raising; a few bad-taste-so-probably-quite-funny jokes; politically-charged acceptance speeches with no shortage of references to Donald Trump’s hand size; and La La Land winning absolutely everything because Hollywood is wonderful, isn’t it?

The most prestigious of all the awards being handed out is Best Picture, and the funny people at Screen Junkies have decided to cut through any bullshit by giving all the nominees their signature Honest Trailers treatment.

Critical darlings? All of them, yep. Does that make them harder to take the piss out of? Absolutely not.

Highlights include an overview of Lion, the true story of an Indian boy who loses his family at the age of five and tries to find them again as a young man. Dev Patel has been lauded for his performance in the film, but as Honest Trailers point out, it was a victim of the pre-Oscars release rush, meaning hardly anyone has actually seen it. As they put it, “If you say you’ve seen this, you’re probably lyin’”.

There’s a look at “Manchesta by the Feckin Sea” and a wry observation about Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge – “another story about a historical pacifist, filled with tonnes of blood and gore”.

We very much approved of the little nod to Sing Street – a film criminally overlooked at every award show so far – in the La La Land segment, too.

(Main image credit: Summit Entertainment)