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One of Netflix's biggest shows is back this month - and there's a trailer to prove it

New trailer takes aim at Netflix

One of Netflix's biggest shows is back this month - and there's a trailer to prove it
Becca Caddy
01 June 2023

Black Mirror season 6 is coming to Netflix on the 15th of June. The streaming platform revealed the release date alongside a new trailer this week, which gives us more details about what to expect from the next instalment of the dark and dystopian anthology series.

The highly-anticipated sixth season will have five episodes, yet they're referred to as separate "films" this time around set in five new "worlds" – there goes the theory all of the series are interconnected.

A teaser for Black Mirror season 6 was released back in April, revealing some exciting cast details. But this week's new trailer is an exciting one, showing us the titles of the five films, the key cast members and some tantalising details about the plots, too. Although this is the Black Mirror-iverse, so expect lots of eerie twists and a large helping of cosmic dread.

In a press release from Netflix, Charlie Brooker said: "The stories are all still tonally Black Mirror through-and-through — but with some crazy swings and more variety than ever before.”

The first film is called Joan is Awful about a woman named Joan (played by Annie Murphy) who finds out there's a streaming show based on her life called Joan is Awful (in which she's played by Salma Hayek). The streaming service is called Streamberry, but it's very obviously going to be a fresh take on The Truman Show and a satirical skewering of Netflix – a bold move considering Netflix is the home to Black Mirror.

There are less details about the other films. But we're excited to see Aaron Paul and Josh Hartnett in what appears to be a claustrophobic space thriller that's giving 2001: A Space Odyssey vibes, called Beyond The Sea.

Other films include Loch Henry, about a couple shooting a documentary in what they think is a sleepy Scottish town. Mazey Day, a story about a young actress who's troubled by fame and attention from the paparazzi. And finally Demon 79, set in 1979 about a sales assistant who is forced to commit violent acts.

Some past seasons of Black Mirror have definitely been stronger than others over the years, but this one has all the ingredients to be a hit. Five fresh and completely different films, a star-studded cast and writer and creator Charlie Brooker at the helm.