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Olenna Tyrell from 'Game of Thrones' has become a brilliant new meme

The season's over, but the memes will never end

Olenna Tyrell from 'Game of Thrones' has become a brilliant new meme

Game of Thrones might be over for another year – maybe two – but the memes? The memes never end, my friend.

This season might be the best memed in history, my personal favourite? This one:

Actually, there were so many good ones that before we get to the point of this article I’m just going to show you a few, because it’s Friday, and we all deserve memes – we need them like we need food.

Davos whenever he meets a kid:

Euron and Jaime at the football:

Jon and Dany’s Starbucks cups:

The dragon trade:

And of course, Gendry:

OK, that’s enough for now (it’s not, but we could go on forever otherwise). This particular meme we’re talking about first appeared back in August, after Episode 3, but has been taking off more since the season ended.

It’s centres around *that* scene with Jaime and Olenna Tyrell, when Jaime gives Olenna the poison, she drinks it, and then drops the bombshell that it was her who killed Joffrey at his wedding – turning the Kingslayer’s face ashen.

It was quite possibly the best death scene in all of Game of Thrones, and a fitting way for Lady Olenna to bow out. Her final words, “Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me” will go down as one of the show’s most memorable ever quotes – this meme is making sure of it.

Mostly, people have been using their cats – the meme below is the one that started it all

But dogs work too

Dogs and frogs

Alternatively, you can just use your mate

Actually, pretty much anything works – it’s still funny

Good. Good memeing. Well done, everyone. 

Will the memes be enough to keep us going through the barren wait – out very on Long Night – before the eighth and final season? Maybe, maybe not. If you’re a massive nerd really cool guy like me you can just go back and watch the whole show from the beginning again.

What do you mean other TV shows exist? Shut up. Sounds fake to me.