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Occupy movement spreads to gents toilets, China

They mean business over doing their business

Occupy movement spreads to gents toilets, China

The occupy movement is not dead. No sir. In China, 20 women have bundled into the men's toilets in the southern city of Guangzhou carrying placards calling for equal waiting times for the ladies and gents.

Li Tingting led the hoard into the public bathroom carrying placards and she plans to take her protest to the capital Beijing.

"We want senior officials to pay attention to this issue," she told AFP. "It is a big issue for many women. During the protest in Guangzhou, we conducted random surveys and found that the majority of people supported us."

Apparently local officials responded by agreeing to increase the number of women's lavatories by 50 per cent – a pledge Li says should be taken nationwide.

Via: Telegraph

Image: Imaginechina