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Oakley Relaunches The X Metal

Oakley Relaunches The X Metal

Oakley Relaunches The X Metal
16 February 2015

It's happened: we're now far away enough from the '90s for brands to start getting misty-eyed over their 20-year-old creations, bringing back questionable style creations with a contemporary twist.

But as the resurrection in question is Oakley's X Metal collection, it's no bad thing.

Released at the tail of the same decade the likes of The Matrix and Fight Club rendered metallic sunglasses cool-yet-immediately unwearable, Oakley is relaunching its metallic range with two new industrial designs.

The Polarized Madman sports striking circular lenses, sat astride a frame of durable, light-weight aluminium alloy, while the Polarized Badman blocks out peripheral glare with wide curved lenses in a frame of similar aerospace metals.

Released in time for that ski trip you were eyeing up, both the Madman and Badman are available in a variety of finishes on Oakley’s website from £335.

Here’s hoping dayglo fabrics and shell suits aren’t up next.

[Via: Acquire Mag]