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Nutella has launched the new snack we’ve been crying out for

Shut up and take our money

Nutella has launched the new snack we’ve been crying out for

Sure, Nutella’s great, but there’s only so long you can go eating it with your fingers straight out of the jar until people start saying “what are you doing” or “either pay for that or get out of the supermarket”.

If only there was another way. A way without chocolatey fingers and without restraining orders.

Well, we’re in luck.

Remember when about 70% of the internet started petitioning Nutella to launch a chocolate bar of its own…

Well, ‘the suits’ have listened.

Ferrero, makers of Nutella, have unveiled ‘B-ready’. It essentially looks like a Kinder Bueno-style biscuit chocolate bar (another Ferrero product) filled with the gooey hazelnut chocolate spread.

According to the people who made the thing, B-ready has a slightly savoury wafer shell, filled with that sweet, sweet Nutella on the inside.

And hey, it looks a bit like a mini baguette. Get it, bready, it’s a pun. We like puns.

The bar had a short trial period in the UK, so if you’ve spotted the odd bar at the till in your local newsagent that’ll be why.

And it performed well enough to convince Ferrero to start a longer roll-out of what customer development director Levi Boorer calls “the ideal mid-morning snack”.

Unsurprisingly, given the prior demand, it has taken off well already.

You can buy individual B-ready bars for 56p or packs of six for £1.99

(Images: Ferrero)