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Norway's city on wheels

Award-winning genius

Norway's city on wheels

If you were asked to come up with a design for developing a city what would you propose? A few buildings here? Some public space there?

No doubt, but would you have the chutzpah to suggest a blueprint based on mobile needs rather than permanent structures? Well, that's what Swedish architecture firm Jägnefält Milton came up with when they were asked to provide a set of plans for the Norwegian city of Andalsnes.

In an ingenious proposition, Jägnefält Milton hit upon an idea of rolling buildings and the like into the city on rail tracks as and when they were needed. Hotels, public baths and even a concert hall would all be rolled in, and out, of town depending upon the season (the city is popular with tourists during the summer months, yet requires indoor spaces during the harsh winter).

The idea was to use existing rail tracks and new lines built specially for the grand project.

The panel judging the Norwegian master plan competition were suitably impressed, awarding the Swedes third place. Personally we love the idea of modular buildings moving in and out of a city at will. Maybe Hackney council will come up with a similar idea for the regeneration of east London!