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We need you to decide where the North really starts

Answer these questions and decide once and for all

We need you to decide where the North really starts
05 January 2018

It’s a debate as quintessentially British as your favourite service station: where exactly does The North actually begin?

And, having bravely settled the service station issue, it’s time for us to move on and sort this out, once and for all, but we’re gonna need your help to do it.

Pollsters YouGov reopened the debate by publishing the results of their latest survey, which saw people decide whether a series of regions of England were in the North, the South, or part of neither.

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As you can see, there was broad agreement for the obvious stuff, but the Midlands and the East of England seemed to be viewed as a no-man’s land. Obviously, there was also regional variation in what people deemed to be the North or the South (for example, people in the North East viewed the Midlands as more ‘South’ than ‘North’ whereas people in the South East viewed it more as ‘North’ than ‘South’.

But this indecision is no good to anyone. We need an answer. So let’s sort this out. 

Where exactly does the North end, and the South begin?

Simply vote below in our series of polls and we’ll settle it. There are only two options - ‘north’ or ‘south’, so don’t think there’ll be any weaseling out with ‘both’ or ‘neither’, because you’re not allowed.

(Main image: Adam Grabek)