North Korea have just out-North Korea’d themselves with another gruesome ‘purge’

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If you’re struggling to keep your eyes open at your work desk this morning after a party-filled Bank Holiday weekend, here’s some terrifying news from North Korea that’ll more than wake you up.

In yet another terrifying act of gross power, despot leader Kim Jong-un has reportedly continued with a series of recent public executions and ‘purged’ two senior regime officials by anti-aircraft gun.

We'll let that sink in. Not a normal gun, an anti-aircraft gun.

JoongAng Ilbo, a conservative daily newspaper in North Korea, last week printed that former agriculture minister Hwang Min and senior official at the education ministery, Ri Yong-jin, were killed at a military academy in Pyongyang this month.

Although the act has not been independently verified, it is claimed that Hwang was killed for proposing policies that were deemed to go against the North Korean premier’s leadership.

As for Ri, his crime seemed a little more eye-opening: he reportedly paid the ultimate price for falling asleep during a meeting chaired by Kim himself.

Ri is by no means the first high-profile politician to be executed for nodding off. In April 2015, former defence chief Hyon Yong-chol also met his end at the hands of Kim and his anti-aircraft guns for snoozing at a military rally.

Whilst waiting for an official confirmation to be made on the executions, JoongAng Ilbo went on to speculate that the acts were a show of power in the wake of recent high-profile defections.



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