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Noel Gallagher has managed to offend the whole of Yorkshire

He is not a fan

Noel Gallagher has managed to offend the whole of Yorkshire
05 September 2018

He might have lived in London for a long while now but Noel Gallagher will always be a proud Manc - so much so that, on his latest tour, he still flies the flag of his beloved Manchester City, draped over his guitar amp.

Of course, in what county is Manchester located? The wonderful Lancashire, home of the hotpot, Lowry, Freddie Flintoff and rain.

But, ever since 1455 and the War of the Roses, they’ve had some serious beef with their noisy neighbours to the east: namely the wonderful county of Yorkshire, home of the eponymous pudding, Alan Bennett, Geoffrey Boycott and rain.

And if you thought there’s been any thawing in relations between the two counties in the ensuing 531 years since the Wars ended, you’d be bang wrong.

And if you thought Noel Gallagher was the one to bridge the divide then - again - you’d be bang wrong.

Onstage at the Bingley Music Live festival on Sunday, which took place at Myrtle Park, Bingley, just outside of Leeds, Noel Gallagher boldly declared that Yorkshire was a “shithole”. Now that’s how to win over a crowd when you’re headlining.

As the crowd chanted “Yorkshire, Yorkshire” as he walked out on stage, he stepped up to the mic and said “What’s that? What’s that? It’s a shithole.”

Later on in the set, he also mimicked a Yorkshire accent, saying “I can’t understand accent, mate.” 

He then went on to further antagonise the crowd by dedicating ‘Half the World Away’ to Manchester.

Noel has form for slagging off God’s Own Country; earlier this year, after fans at a gig in Austin, Texas started up a chant for their team, Hull City, he said:

“Hull? From Hull? How the fuck can you afford to be in America from Hull? Did you fucking rob your gran’s house or something? Don’t want to be miserable right, [but] it’s a fucking shithole. The best thing about it is a bridge. That’s all they have got is a fucking bridge. It’s shit. No offence.”

It is a bloody good bridge though. Look at it:

Nonetheless, the crowd seemed to enjoy the set, by Noel and his High Flying Birds (whose recent album was very good and very much worth checking out). We guess when your tea has been declared the best in Universe by an astronaut, also from your county, then you’re not going to be too worried about a few jibes from some lowly musician are you?

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