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Nintendo Switch Pro rumoured for release in 2020, but without some key features

It may not be so 'pro', after all.

Nintendo Switch Pro rumoured for release in 2020, but without some key features
Holly Pyne
27 January 2020

Rumours of a Nintendo Switch Pro have been swirling around the internet for quite some time, and Switch fans may finally be getting the high-performance console they hoped for.

The latest leak (shared by Korean media and caught by SlashGear) suggests that Nintendo are hoping to have a new console ready for the run up to Christmas 2020 - just in time to take on the newly-released PS5 and Xbox Series X.

There’s just a couple of problems. The report claims that Nintendo and NVIDIA are working to improve the console’s performance with a custom chip, but it still might not support the 4K resolution that fans are hoping for.

This would mean Nintendo are forgoing NVIDIA's Tegra X1 - a chip which was praised last year for improving the Switch's battery life.

And if that wasn’t disappointing enough, there are even doubts surrounding whether the next-gen console will be ready in time. The same Korean report says the new processor is still a long way from being finished.

The only hope for Switch fans is that this is all unofficial for the time being as Nintendo has not given any formal statements about a next-gen console.

It's likely that Nintendo are working on something but here's to hoping the Japanese company holds off until any new console's performance really is “pro”.