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Nike LeBron 11 unveiled

Nike LeBron 11 unveiled

Nike LeBron 11 unveiled
Danielle de Wolfe
18 August 2013

Following various sneak-peaks of different colour combinations leaked online, Nike have lifted the veil on the black, silver and University Red edition of the much anticipated 11th instalment of the LeBron signature line, and they're more angularly spectacular than ever.

There are some bold new changes to the overall design, most notably to the Nike Swoosh, which now runs at a backward sloping angle across the shoe rather than around the heel. The University Red Armorposite shell sections also give these sneakers a far more dramatic set of lines than previous models - it's the basketball shoe a Lamborghini designer would have sketched out.

Even if the LeBron 11 don't improve your court game, they'll do wonders for your style. There's still no word on pricing or a final release date yet.

(Images: Nike)

(Via: Sneakernews)