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Nicest kidnappers ever

Luckiest hostages ever

Nicest kidnappers ever

If someone goes out of their way to kidnap you then chances are you're probably not going to be singing their praises when you finally get free.

Well, unless you happen to get taken by Bedouin tribesman in Egypt, that is. Two Californian women were nabbed on Friday for several hours by armed men, while they were on a minivan tour of Sinai. But what started out as a scary experience actually ended up being rather pleasant.

Firstly, the men allowed the Egyptian tour guide to come with them and while they had visible guns, they never pointed them at the hostages. They then joked to the women that they were just continuing their tour of the area. One of the captors also put his cigarette out when the women claimed the smoke was bothering them.

When the car stopped, they made a fire and offered them coffee. When one of the hostages said she didn't drink coffee, they offered tea instead. As well as pitta bread, nuts and dried fruit.

They were finally released unharmed and with all their belongings intact.

Nicest. Kidnappers. Ever.

[via AP]

(Image: All Star)