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New James Bond search: producer reveals update about Daniel Craig replacement

Just what is going on with the new James Bond?

New James Bond search: producer reveals update about Daniel Craig replacement
Marc Chacksfield
03 December 2021

The search for a new James Bond is on, now that Daniel Craig has hung up his Walther PPK. No Time To Die marked the final film of Craig's tenure which means that we will see a new James Bond... eventually.

There's been little word as to who is in contention and as our new James Bond list shows, there are a lot of great actors out there who could take on the 007 mantle. But, for some, time isn't on their side. The likes of Tom Hardy, who has always been a favorite and currently tops our list with nearly a thousand votes, is 44 so if he were to do it then something would have to happen soon.

Well, we now have some information about the search and things are happening but very slowly. According to MGM boss Pamela Abdy, who has been speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about her career, the search for a new James Bond is currently "wide open" but talks have begun between the producers.

"We've had very early preliminary conversations with Barbara [Broccoli] and Michael [Wilson], but we wanted Daniel to have his last hurrah."

No Time To Die made the quick dash from the big screen to Premium VOD recently so Craig's "last hurrah" is nearing its end, which means that the hype machine for a new James Bond is almost certain to start soon.

Whatever happens, it's likely that we will get a full reboot for the franchise but it would be good to see some current characters make the shift over.

Continuity hasn't exactly been a forte with the franchise - Dame Judi Dench moving from Pierce Brosnan's Bond to Craig's was a shrewd move but didn't exactly make sense - but introducing the likes of Lashana Lynch's Nomi and Ana de Armas' Paloma, two great characters, and not revisiting them again wouldn't feel right.

No Time To Die is available to watch on Prime Video and other places now.

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