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6 amazing new Amazon Alexa devices: Drones! Robots! Projectors!

Amazon has been busy upgrading its Echo line-up: here's what you need to know.

6 amazing new Amazon Alexa devices: Drones! Robots! Projectors!
Marc Chacksfield
28 September 2021

It's that time of the year again - Amazon has revealed a host of new Alexa devices, refreshing its burgeoning line-up with a number of new Alexa-enabled gadgets that you need to know about.

That's right, the myriad Amazon devices you have currently controlling your smart home (or just ask them to set an alarm now and again) are about to get a big upgrade and Amazon - in its big Amazon devices keynote - has revealed a couple of brand-new products as well.

While that doesn't mean we are getting an Amazon-controlled rocket - come on, Jeff Bezos, share the love mate! - we have got a bevy of cool things to gawp at, including an actual robot!

Want to know more? Of course you do. Here are 6 amazing new Amazon Alexa devices you need to know about...

1. Amazon Astro - an Alexa robot revealed!

6 amazing new Amazon Alexa devices: Drones! Robots! Projectors!

Astro is a moveable robot that uses Amazon's voice and video tech. Yep, that's right Amazon has gone full-on The Jetsons revealing "a new kind of household robot that integrates Alexa advanced hardware, software, computer vision and AI in a brand new device.

"It's a beautiful illustration of how ambient computing improves customers lives in a way that traditional consumer electronics just can't," it notes.

Amazon continues: "We took inspiration from science fiction and movies and cartoons, places where people looked into the future and thought about what could it was like to have something in the home to help you. We wanted to create a personality, out of the top 100 robots that people love, only five of them don't have eyes."

Yep, Astro has eyes, all the Alexa tech you already use and will be able to navigate your house with ease (apparently). You will be able to sign up for an invite to buy one soon and it will cost - $999.

2. Amazon Smart Thermostat turns up the heat

5 amazing new Amazon Echo devices you need to know about

The Amazon Smart Thermostat is a Smart Energy Star certified thermostat that works with Alexa. Amazon has partnered with Resideo, the makers of Honeywell home thermostats and, well, it's bloody cheap. "There's no reason smart thermostat should be expensive," said Amazon at the event. They've found a way to make it available to customers for just $59.

3. There's now a wall-mounted Echo Show

5 amazing new Amazon Echo devices you need to know about

Amazon has introduced the Echo Show 15. It's calling it "the new digital heart of your home, bringing all of the things that make your household take into one place."

The Echo Show 15 can be wall mounted or placed on a stand in portrait or landscape mode.

The Device is large, at 15.6 inches, and there's a brand-new user interface with Alexa widgets that make it easy to customise the display with whatever information you want on the screen.

This is a great one for smart home megalomaniacs, as you can see all your smart devices in one place and the screen can show live camera views, while listening to music. You can also see the feed from your ring Video Doorbell while you're cooking. It's also a 1080p Full HD streaming device, so you will be able to watch myriad movies and shows on the device. Especially in the US where Sling integration is coming. It will also double up as a massive digital picture frame.

The Amazon Echo Show 15 will be available for $249 and will be available later this year.

4. 'Hey Disney' is an Alexa-like voice assistant

5 amazing new Amazon Echo devices you need to know about

Amazon has revealed something called Hey Disney, which offers up a version of Alexa that uses Disney voices that you can interact with characters in your home.

Hey Disney, according to Amazon, "is a first of its kind customer system for Echo devices... Disney has been designed to make the Alexa experience even more magical with jokes, interactive trivia readings soundscapes and so much more. There are even some special surprises built in for fans to discover."

The Alexa-like voice assistant will also be coming to the hotel rooms of Disney's theme parks, so you can ask Micky Mouse to change your soiled sheets.

To celebrate the Disney link-up, there's also a new Amazon Echo stand with Micky Mouse ears.

5. Amazon Glow is an interactive projector for kids

5 amazing new Amazon Echo devices you need to know about

Amazon has called Amazon Glow one of its "boldest" device launches yet. It, according to Amazon, "reimagines the way kids can connect with remote family and friends." To do this, Amazon is offering an immersive virtual experience with Halo Glow that brings the digital and physical worlds together. It's collaborative and interactive - combining video calling with connected activities to keep kids engaged.

Amazon Glow projects a 19-inch touch sensitive area which acts like a virtual tablet and there are things to do through the free Amazon Glow app. This is couple with an 8-inch LCD display, designed so the kids can see who they are speaking to the whole time.

6. The Amazon Always Home Cam is a frickin' flying drone for the home

5 amazing new Amazon Echo devices you need to know about

This was something that was shown off last year but now you can put your name down for one. What is it? Well, this is an indoor flying camera that can basically fly anywhere inside, and give you the view you need when you need it.

"When you're away you can just press a button, it'll fly a pre planned route and show you what's going on," says Amazon. "It can also be set to do routes based on a triggered event, like flying to a ring door alarm sensor when it's tripped in a way mode."

You'll be able to sign up for the indoor flying cam soon.