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This Polish Christmas ad is being hailed as the most emotional yet for its bittersweet ending

The advert has clocked four million YouTube hits and is jerking tears worldwide

This Polish Christmas ad is being hailed as the most emotional yet for its bittersweet ending

Much in the same way that (a haphazardly estimated) 74 per cent of Super Bowl viewers only endure it for the half-time show, all the tinselly trappings of modern Christmas – turkey, presents, the annual dusting off of Del and Rodney’s three-wheeled van – are merely a sideshow to what we really care about: the adverts.

Whether it’s John Lewis’ bouncing boxer, WWF’s wounded tiger or Sainsbury’s big James Corden singalong special, the seasonal roll-out of Crimbo ads is speedily becoming the only way any of us can feel real joy, love or shed a tear in this barmy modern world.

But, in quite the turn up for the festive books, the jingle-belled crown of adverts has been this year been stolen from the aforementioned department store, and bestowed instead to a particularly surprising source. No, it’s not Sainsbury’s. It’s not even Lidl.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Allegro – a Polish auction site – and their greying, avuncular grandad.

The ad, which since appearing on YouTube on 28 November has amassed more than four million views, shows an old man purchase an ‘English for Beginners’ kit from the website, and slowly get his head around the language.

A tender montage ensues – Post-Its stuck on a dog, phrases orated in the bath, a bus-seat profession of love etc – before the old Pole’s motivation is duly revealed.

Of course, we’re no Grinch. Consider the big reveal our Christmas gift to you (feel free to pay us back with cash or vouchers). But be warned – a box of Kleenex is probably advised. It’s quite likely the most you’ll feel until this time next year.