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Netflix's new number-one show's twice as popular as Stranger Things right now

Netflix is on to another winner with its latest streaming success.

Netflix's new number-one show's twice as popular as Stranger Things right now
Marc Chacksfield
10 August 2022

It took some time for it to get to the screen but the long-awaited, long-gestating Sandman Netflix series is finally here and it is proving very popular.

Neil Gaiman's The Sandman was thought to be unfilmable. The comic-book's 3,000 pages are rich in allegory and intricately woven to create an epic story of Morpheus, the lord of dreams, who, after years of imprisonment, goes on a quest to fix the wrongs that happened when he was away.

The comic-book was released in 1989 and since then we have seen myriad possible adaptations come and go. This first season of The Sandman covers some 400 pages of the story which means we are around a sixth of the way through. While Netflix hasn't yet greenlit a second series, from the data we have so far, as well as the reception the show has been getting from critics, it is looking very promising.

Netflix itself has mentioned the success of The Sandman in a recent blog post. It wrote: "Over thirty years after the initial comic book’s release, fans’ dreams came true as The Sandman debuted in the #1 spot on the English TV list with 69.48M hours viewed.

"Over the course of 10 episodes, audiences are taken on an epic fantasy where “dreams never die.” Starring Tom Sturridge, the dark fantasy series appeared in the Top 10 in 89 countries."

The data from Flix Patrol is far more revealing, though. Taking a look at both how popular the show was in the last 24 hours (as well as the last week), it's clear that it is a runaway success, with some 843 points compared to its nearest rival Stranger Things which is on close-to-half that at 483 points.

Granted, Stranger Things has been on the streaming service much longer than The Sandman but it is still a strong showing from the new show. Compare it to the points that 10th place show Uncoupled has (183) and it's nearly five times as popular.

The full top 10 is as follows:

1. The Sandman (843)
2. Stranger Things (482)
3. Keep Breathing (442)
4. Manifest (427)
5. Extraordinary Attorney Woo (318)
6. Virgin River (306)
7. Zeytin Ağacı (263)
8. Alchemy of Souls (216)

9. Trainwreck: Woodstock '99 (193)

10. Uncoupled (183)

The Sandman is available to stream on Netflix now - all 10 episodes were released at once - and is created by Neil Gaiman, David S. Goyer and Allan Heinberg. Tom Sturridge, Boyd Holbrook, Patton Oswalt and Vivienne Acheampong (among others) all star.

Image Credit: Netflix