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Netflix's most hated show yet has hit the top 10 charts

Dare you watch?

Netflix's most hated show yet has hit the top 10 charts

Netflix dropped all episodes of a brand-new reality show this week and the critics reckon it may well be the most hated show the streamer has ever released.

Buying London is a play on the successful Selling Sunset format. It follows property mogul Daniel Daggers and his tenacious team of real estate agents as they try and sell the luxury properties throughout London and the UK.

So far so reality TV, so why all the hate? Well, the list is seemingly endless with the cast, the premise and the crassness of the whole thing put under the critical microscope.

Netflix most hated show yet has hit the top 10 charts
Image Credit: Netflix

Here's a sample of what the reviews are saying...

The Guardian gave it.. no stars. Nada. And called it: "probably the most hateable TV show ever made."

The Telegraph was a little more forgiving in its two-star review, noting that it's "superficially fun, but ultimately soulless and artificial".. But it also said that Buying London was "artificial, vulgar, post-truth TV".

The Times also went for two stars, explaining: "Prepare to be faintly appalled yet oddly transfixed. During a cost of living and housing crisis, is it crass and tin-eared to rub people’s noses in this grotesque, mind-boggling level of wealth? Of course it is! Horribly so."

And The Independent said that "it should be the nail in the coffin for reality TV’s wealth obsession."

It, of course, won't and all these poor reviews have done nothing to dent its popularity, with the show currently number 7 globally on Netflix, after just a day on release.

Netflix has reacted fantastically to the hate, promoting the show on X by proudly showing off the no-stars review and the "probably the most hateable TV show ever made" tagline.

All publicity is good publicity, we guess.

Buying London is streaming on Netflix now - and sounds like the perfect hate-watch to us.