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Netflix's latest sci-fi show has the makings of a cult classic

This new TV show has fans comparing it to Netflix classic Dark...

Netflix's latest sci-fi show has the makings of a cult classic
Andrew Williams
15 March 2024

On first hearing about new Netflix sci-fi show The Signal, you might assume we’re talking about Apple TV+’s big and flashy Constellation.

That show sees an astronaut return to home only to find the world not quite as she remembered it.

The Signal, too, is about an astronaut who returns to Earth. But here she disappears after receiving an extraterrestrial signal, causing her family to investigate exactly what happened.

It didn’t make anything like the splash of Apple’s Constellation when it arrived on March 7, but has made its way up the Netflix charts globally.

And it now the second most-watched show according to Flixpatrol, slotting in behind The Gentlemen.

For a German-language show, that’s an impressive feat.

But is it any good?

The Signal reviews

The Signal has received tentatively positive reviews from Decider and Paste magazine. Here are some of the key quotes:

Paste Magazine: “Through its initial episodes, thriller elements sink their hooks in, and questions spiral in every direction as more comes to light about what Paula learned in low Earth orbit… But unfortunately, like many mystery stories, the answers don’t live up to the questions.”

Decider: “Like with Constellation, The Signal is more a mystery and psychological thriller than it is a science fiction story… The Signal does a good job of splitting its story into two storylines that are well-defined, bringing the viewer along on the show’s central mystery in a way that keeps them interested without jerking them around.”

Heaven of Horror: “We’ve watched all four episodes of the miniseries for this review, which is why we can tell you that the ending of The Signal is both efficient and surprisingly strong. So while I could’ve wanted more from parts of this German genre series, I do want to salute the ending.”

Netflix's latest sci-fi show has the makings of a cult classic
Image Credit: Netflix

While most reviews suggest The Signal starts strong and then loses its way a big towards the end, Heaven of Horror suggests the actual coda is pretty impressive.

Want to find out for yourself? There are only four episodes of The Signal, and each is around an hour long.

Keep your expectations realistic, and it’s a show you can easily complete and enjoy over a weekend.