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Netflix's latest animated release debuts with 100% Rotten Tomatoes score

This animated offering is quite literally out of this world

Netflix's latest animated release debuts with 100% Rotten Tomatoes score

Netflix's latest animated release has caught our attention for all the right reasons.

Nailing a perfect Rotten Tomatoes score ahead of its debut, Ultraman: Rising's approval rating is just what we'd hoped.

You see, Ultraman is one of Japan's biggest hits - he's been around for 60 years, after all.

However, the cult figure has rarely made headlines outside of Japan despite garnering a cult following - until now.

A tale that centres around Ken Sato, a renowned but entirely self-absorbed baseball player, Ultraman: Rising sees the sports star live a double life, emerging as renowned crime fighting superhero Ultraman in his spare time.

But things take a turn when Sato meets his match in the form of an obscure, 35-foot-tall, fire-breathing baby named kaiju.

Yup, bet you didn't see that one coming.

Tasked with protecting the oversized infant from the private special security services that are hunting him down, Sato

Led by Shannon Tindle and John Aoshima, the animators have decades of experience under their belts, with releases including Gravity Falls and Kubo and the Two Strings among their countless credits.

Aoshima's directorial debut, the film is set to capture the imagination of kids big and small.

The latest instalment in the franchise, Ultraman: Rising sees Ken Sato reluctantly take on the demands of the role.

He already knows a thing or two about the job mind, given he's the son of a former Ultraman who resents the responsibility of the role, shaped by his own experiences as a child.

Now, he's determined to balance the demands of parenthood (managing an oversized baby is a full-time job) and baseball stardom, as the movie sees Sato juggle his priorities.

Numerous Japanese heroes have stepped inside Ultraman’s iconic suit over the years - and now, it's Sato's turn.

Described as a “fun, sincere, and thoughtfully conceived" film, it's got a giant nod from the critics over at IndieWire.

Ultraman: Rising lands on Netflix on Friday, June 14.