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Netflix unleashes trailer for its biggest action comedy of 2024

Prepare for action, action, and, well, a little more action...

Netflix unleashes trailer for its biggest action comedy of 2024
Danielle de Wolfe
23 January 2024

Netflix has dropped the first-look trailer for its forthcoming Hit Man release - and we couldn't be more excited for the laughs that are poised to be unleashed.

Directed by Academy Award-nominated writer and director Richard Linklater, Glen Powell (Top Gun: Maverick) and Adria Arjona both co-wrote and star in the movie.

Premiering at last night's 40th Sundance Film Festival, it's a plot filled with action, sabotage and plenty of deception.

With Linklater describing the release as “ultimately, it’s a relationship movie” in an interview with Netflix's marketing-meets-fan site Netflix Queue, the film is inspired by a an unbelievable true story.

A melting pot containing twists, turns and fake identities aplenty, the premise sees straight-laced professor stumble across an unlikely talent as a fake hit man - just your run-of-the-mill job opportunity.

However, Powell meets his match in the form of his latest client (Arjona), in what becomes an explosive and highly deceptive tale of lust, laughs and sabotage.

Set to arrive on the platform on June 7, the film will also have a limited-release in cinemas prior to dropping on the small-screen.

“It’s about identity and self and passion. But on a plot level, it’s just a guy who gets in a little too deep," Linklater told Netflix Queue.

"His passions lead him in a direction where he’s deceiving someone he’s in love with, and being someone else. They have to deal with those repercussions.”

For Arjona, the chemistry between her and Powell came easily according to the star.
“I met Rick on Zoom first, and then he set it up where I went out and met Glen, and we ended up talking for about four hours,” Arjona told Netflix.
“We were both doing Sober January, and an hour into our dinner, we were both cutting loose, drinking tequila, and celebrating the fact that we were going to do this movie together.”
“Sitting down with Adria the first time, it felt like the best first date, but also like I'd known her forever,” Powell added.

Hit Man will arrive on Netflix in the UK on Friday, June 7, 2024, with a limited cinema release prior to it landing on the streaming service.