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Netflix release cryptic trailer for new supernatural drama ‘The Innocents’

Mysterious - but in a good way

Netflix release cryptic trailer for new supernatural drama ‘The Innocents’
16 February 2018

Fresh on the heels of a surprise release of the latest Cloverfield film and the shock announcement of a mega-deal with American Crime Story super-producer Ryan Murphy, Netflix has just dropped a mysterious trailer for its latest show, The Innocents.

This new supernatural British drama series looks a bit like a dark, modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet. Here’s the Netflix description for the show: “June embarks on a journey with her boyfriend, Harry, to run away from their lives and start over. Or so they think. They quickly realise that nothing is what it seems. And in this world, the only way to survive is to change.”

Sounds intriguing.

The programme, not to be confused with the 2015 Argentinian horror film on Netflix with the same name, stars Guy Pearce (L.A. Confidential, Memento), Sorcha Groundsell (Clique) and Percelle Ascott (Wizards vs. Aliens). And it’s produced by UK-based production company New Pictures, who recently put together another supernatural drama series Requiem for the BBC.

There’ll be eight episodes, but no release date has been set yet. We’ll update you as soon as find out any more info though.

The Innocents is created and written by Hania Elkington (The North London Book of the Dead) and Simon Duric (The Crown, Black Mirror).

And actor and director Andrew Lee Potts, who’s been involved in the making of the show, tweeted: “Finally happy and able to announce a new show I’ve been working on - Netflix Original The Innocents with Guy Pearce and lots of amazing talent.”

And, by the way, I’d highly recommend you watch this Channel 4 short film called The Tickle Monster starring Percelle Ascot. It’s only a few minutes long but it’s really good and really scary. 

(Image: Netflix / New Pictures)