Netflix just unveiled its new logo and it's perfectly reasonable to be upset

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Amelia Tait

We don't know what your favourite part of Netflix is, but ours is the "etflix" bit (also, Making a Murderer).

It's not the 'n'. It's never been the 'n' - which is why we're distressed to announced that the streaming company have changed their logo to be one giant slap-in-the-face huge red fancy version of the letter. 

Thankfully, the old logo will still be chilling out on our desktop, but this devilish version will feature on the company's mobile app and social media profiles. 


The more logical and well-balanced among you might note that it's a pretty swish and pleasant design that won't affect your experience of the service at all, but also: CHANGE. CHANGE IS BAD AND SCARY.

If you or anyone you know has been affected by these issues, come find us. We're here for you all. 




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Amelia Tait

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